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T-Bone Burnett
21 October 2008

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28 July 2008

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End Bush
23 July 2008

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Abraham Lincoln on Emmy Lou Harris
Very nice photography.

Shaahin Bahremand on Emmy Lou Harris
good picture excellent i will happy if you see my pictures!

Madlights on Emmy Lou Harris
Very beautiful and sensitive portrait of one of my favorites. Beautiful.

linda on Emmy Lou Harris
very lovely photo!

amos on Al Gore
Nice composition. He's a blowhard though.

Giovanni on Heidi and Bob got married
Nice capture of a beautiful moment!

rose and photography on Townes Van Zandt
Very nice portrait !

Giovanni on Beck
Nice shot!!

Giovanni on Beth Orton
Beautiful shot! I love Beth Orton!

Zorilla on Sean
"When not reading The Oxford Book Of Letters, Sean likes to relax with a Tom Waits album"

Stefan on Tuck and Patti
Good shot and wonderful music...!

sally on Holden Booth
okay! this is a wild child pportrait

Kim Kasprzak on Beck
Great concert! Great photo!

dogilicious on Townes VanZandt
There's got to be a great story behind this picture. Loved his voice. It goes perfectly with the b/w. I have a ...

Kurt on Townes VanZandt
A classic!

linda Johnson on Hugh D'Andrade
What an extremely famous individual...

Steve Mockus on Brownie McGhee and Townes VanZandt
Really timeless

Steve Mockus on Townes VanZandt
A really rich portrait. I love this image.

Steve Mockus on The Dead Kennedys
just whippersnappers, they are here, wow!

Steve Mockus on Christian Amanpour
Where is this? Really evocative image...

Steve Mockus on Patti Smith
NIce shot, Tom

Steve Mockus on John Kennedy and Tom Erikson
Wow, I had no idea...

Steve Mockus on Beck
You'd think he could afford new pants. Nice shot!

Tony Duque on The Jim Queskin Jug Band
I can't believe I blew the guy's name so badly... Kweskin, of course. On my part, a sign of age creeping in, ...

Tony Duque on The Jim Queskin Jug Band
What!... no comments? Well, as one who's been singing Ukulele Lady and Storybook Ball (etc) to my kids for more ...

Kurt on Beck

Kurt on Holden Booth
Sweet! And ready to rock and roll.

Zoey on Keith Richards
Great Capture! I love when he makes that face.

Kurt on Doc Watson
Your shots of Doc are always great -- this one I haven't seen before, contemplative, love it.

Marie-Hélène Ammor on The McGarrigle Sisters
Superb natural portraits ! The laughter makes counterweight for the black lines :beautiful picture !

zOOm on Patti Smith
I love her songs... missed her each she is in Paris... one day maybe... I've been listening to her since 1975. ...

linda on Doc Watson
great photo!

Kurt on Warren Hellman
A true one-of-a-kind moment!

monica on Jim Marshal and John Lee Hooker
ooh, that's a very cool one. the eye of the photographer in so many ways.

Hugh D'Apostrophe on Wavy Gravy
Wavy's real name: Hugh! (Though I find he doesn't particularly like to be reminded of that fact.)

Mike on Taj Mahal
Just found your blog. Nice shots! I really dig the Beck and Keith Richards shots.....Hope all is well..Check my blog ...

Kim on Swell Season
This is lovely. When were they here?

Monica on Swell Season
This was a sweet moment you captured. You totally get the feeling of the moment.

Kim on Joan Baez
This is a beautiful portrait, Tom!

Marie Le Corre on Joan Baez
très beau portrait

Yalda on Beck
nice shot ! good color !

Monica on Keb Mo
I was there, Tom, and you totally caught it! Beautiful light, beautiful moment - you're so, so good!

Judy on Sammy
What a handsome and talented boy and a great photo! -- from his mom :)

sally on Sally and Emily
i love this photo those eyes!

kooshan on Patti Griffin
and some thing great about your photo

Stefan on Sally and Emily
good shot!

Brittney on Sally and Emily
This is adorable. I like how the people in the background are blurred by you still know they are there.

Jason Kravitz on Keith Richards
wow - nice shot - great lighting and expression on this one

Kobi on Keith Richards
Fabulous hair.

Kobi on Sammy
This is delightful. I love how at ease Sammy is with his instrument.

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